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Dear Traveler,

The King is in need of your help!

In preparation for battle, no less than 2,187 cannonballs have been produced, forged from thousands of old swords from throughout the kingdom due to the lack of raw materials. Unfortunately, the blacksmith took “all old swords” at face value, and also smelted the King’s sword down, an exquisite work of art, forged out of King’s steel, that is both much stronger and lighter than the average sword. A sword which the King cannot be without in the upcoming battle with our greatest rivals.

The blacksmith can reforge this remarkable sword, but he needs the cannonball it became to do so, and the only way to find the King’s steel among the thousands of cannonballs is by this notable difference in weight. The King needs you to find it, as soon as possible.

There is a problem, however. Only one scale in the kingdom is hardy enough to handle the weight of these cannonballs, and the time it takes to make a sufficiently accurate measurement is one whole day!

What is the best strategy for finding the King’s steel, and how many days would it take. Remember, this is urgent, the enemy is approaching. The King has given you five minutes to think of a strategy, and there is help for those who would find it, hidden in the source.

Thank you in advance. You have the King’s eternal gratitude.

Good luck!

Remaining time: 5:00